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Now you get to learn all about ME! because I am so awesome. I dont want you to feel inferior. I'm trying to get YOU to realise how awesome YOU are too!!! We are all awesome if we wanna be so that's how i figured out that I am so awesome. Just dont get TOO awesome so you start making magazines about yourself. That just annoys people.

So yeah I'm Taylor. I like dance, music (especially my guitar) and guinea pigs. I also like listening to music that is like i am so awesome. I wanted to create a site first of all because I'm so awesome and second because I want others to see how awesome they are!!

Whats even MORE awesome?

So here is where I'm gonna put links to the stuff that I made even more like me, in other words, more AWESOME!! But in the mean time it's just blank except for this. oh well! I'll make it awesome later!

Red Rose, Spinning

Get in touch with the totally awesome me and tell me about your totally awesome self. And dont worry. I'll talk to you about school problems, home problems, achievments and anything you think is an uncomfortable subject but you need to talk to someone about. I'm not THAT self centered.

I am so awesome I cant get over it so I finally built a site about the most awesome person EVA!