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All About Marvelous Awesome ME!!!

All About Marvelous Awesome ME!!!
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

So I'm gonna tell you this before anything else. I AM NOT POPULAR. You expect people that are awesome to be popular but half the time they arent. I'm not saying that popular people cant be awesome though. Okay now that I have that out of the way, in my opinion I am REALLY pretty. I have brown hair with green eyes. I'm 14. I love music and dance. And well that's my life. I spend my time between school, dance class, guitar lessons and homework. I only find time to go online when there's a miricle like today, (May 22, 2008) and a tornado hits colorado so close that our school shut down so we didnt have class which means no homework. and on top of that I dont have to go to hip hop class today which is a bummer cause i love hip hop class!!!

I forgot to say this but I'm in choir and have a really great voice (my opinion) and I've been writting songs! YIPPEE FOR ME!!!

My Idol

Taylor Swift, My Idol.

First of all i have to say that I am no affiliated with Taylor Swift, the awesome, in any way. Thats how i address people. Their name, the awesome. Its fun. So the title is self explanitory. Taylor Swift is my idol. I WOULD put a picture of me but my mom says no because im just fourteen. its obnoxious.

My Fave Things:

Here are some of my fave books:

Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, The Uglies,Pretties,Specials,Extras series by Scott Westerfield.

Fave Songs:
Picture to Burn, Our Song, Tied Together With A Smile, Tim McGraw and I'd Lie (especially I'd Lie) by Taylor Swift. 
Just The Way I Am by Skye Sweetnam

I am so awesome I cant get over it so I finally built a site about the most awesome person EVA!